IOTA Price Prediction (MIOTA) 2025: Profiting in IoT

Based on a technical analysis, the highest IOTA price prediction is $9.84 by 2025.

Despite not being a blockchain, will IOTA and its native token MIOTA, generate better rates than other cryptocurrencies? With many conventional blockchains in the crypto market like Ethereum and Bitcoin, attaining a new maximum price is challenging for IOTA.

Expect this MIOTA price prediction 2025 to help you weigh things out before making an investment decision. In this article, you will know the token’s current price, recent updates and how these factors affect IOTA’s price.

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Since IOTA has no blockchain, there are no transaction fees. This feature alone makes it appealing to investors, resulting in favourable price values. Owing to IOTA promoting friendly transactions in the global economy, it is understandable for many people to anticipate this ledger’s future plans and performances.

Will IOTA commit to its word of offering greater speeds while being lucrative? Know the answers in this MIOTA price prediction 2025 article. By the end of this article, you will be able to assess your options and hopefully arrive at a decision.

About IOTA Network And How It Affects Future Price

While price predictions like this article help you calculate the investment risks, it is not enough to only know the numbers. Knowing the IOTA price history and what is happening in the IOTA community will help you familiarise the environment you are planning to engage within time. It will also help you assess the risks and avoid rapidly losing money.

IOTA, a distributed ledger technology, aims to become the official platform for global transactions between the internet of things. Moreover, an interesting fact about this token is its lack of blockchain description. Due to its minimal to no fees, it elevates the experience of trading IOTA.

  • Tangle: Tangle is the underlying architecture of IOTA’s DAG. Unlike blockchains, it facilitates connecting multiple individual transactions instead of the typical collection method done in blockchains. It is the blockchain protocol of IOTA.
  • Decentralised IOTA MIOTA: One of the recent IOTA news is the launching a decentralised smart contract network called Assembly (ASMB) to facilitate the diversification of smart contracts in the DeFi and NFTs.

Past Performance and IOTA Price Today

IOTA started as a pivot from its initial name Jinn, an Internet Of Things microprocessor. Four co-founders, namely Ivancheglo, Popov, Sonstebo and Schiener, founded the project in 2014 before officially releasing it publicly in 2016. Upon launching, the coin did not have much action until December 2018, reaching its maximum price of $5.36. However, after this immediate price increase, it dropped for a long time before resurfacing in February 2021, attaining $1.21. The current price of the MIOTA coin is $0.91, with a market cap of $2.51 billion.

IOTA is up by 8.12% and ranked #54 in CoinMarketCap charts. It has a live trading volume of $56 million. The numbers signify that it is still in a bullish run. At the moment, there are 2.78 billion MIOTA tokens.

IOTA Price Predition 2025

In these IOTA price predictions, both possibilities for the price increase and dip are presented to show a bigger picture of what to expect in the future of the IOTA crypto coin.

Analysts Believing The IOTA Token Will Go Up

  • Price gains could happen by 2025, as stated by CoinSwitch, which anticipates a potential maximum price of $9.84 by 2025.
  • IOTA tokens could skyrocket to $5.61 based on an IOTA price analysis of Tech News Leader.
  • Assuming a bullish momentum happens, the price is expected to reach $3.25, according to Trading Education.
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Analysts Believing The IOTA Token Will Go Down

  • Libertex only expects a slight increase to $1.79 by 2025.
  • Digital Coin is not too optimistic, only expecting an average trading price of $2.27 and can only go up to $2.13 by 2025.
  • The predicted price of IOTA by 2025, according to CryptoNewsZ, is $1.57.

Experts’ Estimations on IOTA Coin Price

IOTA is an exciting cryptocurrency, according to CRYPTONOMICS on YouTube. In the video, the YouTuber said IOTA aims to strengthen Bitcoin while improving functionalities to validate transactions to the next level. In addition, IOTA price could reach about $4.00 by 2025. He said that today could be a great time to invest.

Crypto Never Sleeps provided an opinion in his video about IOTA price prediction, which he rarely does. Moreover, after showing price forecasts from various sources, he explained the IOTA foundation, describing IOTA as mind-blowing and having the potential to become a massive crypto player in the future.

Long term IOTA forecast by CRYPTOCURRENCY COIN PREDICTION FORECAST ANALYSIS shows an increase in value, reaching a possible minimum price value of $1.63 and maximum price value of $1.99. By 2025, it could potentially hit an average price of $5.06, going up to $6.07.

How Risky Is IOTA As An Investment?

Indulging yourself in crypto facts is an important practice before investing. In addition, the major factor that could affect IOTA’s price is market volatility. Besides this, here are the other risks you should prepare for in the crypto space:

  • Secured MIOTA Token Wallet: Storing your coins is risky due to many threats lingering on the internet. To lessen the risks, find a trusted e-wallet like eToro.
  • Competition: IOTA investors should know that blockchains usually rule the global digital market. With many major players like Ethereum and Bitcoin, it is a struggle for every other coin to maintain its standing in the competition.

IOTA Price Prediction Conclusion

While price forecasts only serve as a guide, this IOTA technical analysis reflects a potentially good investment. Moreover, assuming that the bullish trend continues and it reaches $9.84, you could generate a lot of profit. However, if the future results are not that high, hitting only $1.57, you could not gain as much as expected. Again, the numbers are vulnerable to sudden market price changes, so always be cautious.

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MIOTA is a popular coin in the cryptocurrency market, which means that there are many token holders. Like you, they also have questions in mind. Here’s our take on them:

What Will IOTA Be Worth In 2025?

Wallet Investor believes it could reach $2.23. Meanwhile, some analysts believe it could ascend to $9.84 by 2025.

Is IOTA Worth Buying?

Based on the numbers presented above, the MIOTA crypto token shows great potential based on the numbers presented above. It could be worth buying but be prepared for the risks.

Does IOTA Have A Future?

IOTA is designed for the internet of things, which is associated with multiple projects. These partnerships will greatly impact the coin’s performance in the future.

Where To Buy IOTA Cryptocurrency Coin?

There are many brokers available on the internet. To secure your investment, make sure to find a trusted e-wallet like eToro. It is crucial to be meticulous to avoid losing your capital.


The purpose of this MIOTA price prediction 2025 article aims to provide information and not give investment advice to potential investors. To learn more about this token, do your research, weigh things out, and seek advice from licensed financial advisors for more accurate data. Keep in mind that MIOTA coins are vulnerable to volatility, so protect them at all costs.