Privacy Policy

Your Data Privacy Is Important to Us.

By using our products and services, you agree to our Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes how WorldWifi gathers and utilises information, as well as your alternatives for dealing with our offered services.

It is advised to thoroughly understand what this Privacy is all about and how we process and manage the private details that we collect. You may opt to disagree with our guidelines, choose not to engage with our offerings, and refuse to access our website.

The Type of Details We Gather

We gather various data to optimise your customer experience, from fundamental things like recognising your language preferences to more complicated tasks like evaluating which advertisements are relevant to you.

The Data You Voluntarily Give Us

WorldWifi collects personal information that you voluntarily provide, such as your full name, address, and email address.

We also collect non-PII to enhance our services. Please, check our Cookies Policy for more information.

Reasons for Collecting Your Data

The data that WorldWifi gathers from all its services are used for the following purposes:

1. To offer services;

2. To continuously develop and maintain our services;

3. To build innovative solutions;

4. To give customised services;

5. To evaluate the site’s quality and performance;

6. To measure success;

7. To communicate and engage with users; and

8. To protect WorldWifi, our customers, and the public at large.

Legal Disclosure and Documentation

We may be required to release personal information if we think it is required or mandated by law or to defend the rights and securities of our customers, our firm, and other concerned individuals.

Your Privacy Rights

You can get access to the information we have by doing the following:

Suggesting to Remove or Delete Your Information: You have the right to ask us to remove or delete the entire data or just a portion.

Asking to Modify or Update Your Details: You can modify or update parts of your private details on your account. You may ask us also to change, amend, or correct your data, especially if there is a mechanical or typographical error.

Requesting to Limit, Oppose, or Restrict the Use of Your Information: You may request us to stop or prohibit any use of your personal details, whether just a portion of the entire info.

Asking to Access or Keep Your Information: You always have the option to secure a copy of the information you provided.

Other Relevant Data

Security and Confidentiality

We monitor for and try to avert data breaches and system vulnerabilities. We, however, cannot be held accountable for data shared through third parties or online.

Termination of Service/Account

WorldWifi reserves the authority to terminate any services (including your account information access) or any portion of its activities if it has a reasonable suspicion of any illegal activity regarding data submission.