Cookie Policy

By reading the information below, you can discover what a cookie is, the difference between first-party and third-party cookies, session cookies and permanent cookies, and what types of cookies we use and why on our Website.


Cookies are small text files that are saved in your browser’s file directory on your device. There are different types of cookies that we employ on this Website. One of the main reasons we use cookies is to provide you with a better service by recognising your device upon browsing and using our Website features.

Types of Cookies Used by World Wi-Fi

Listed below are the cookies we use on World Wi-Fi:

  1. Session Cookies are set as transparent cookies that are only available during your browsing session on our Website. Their responsibility is to tell the server which page elements have previously been sent to the browser, so they won’t be transmitted again if the browser has already received them. The information is erased once you’re done browsing by exiting the browser.
  2. Persistent Cookies – are cookies that help achieve positive user experiences. The information stored in these cookies contains your preferences and settings that can be used for future visits.
  3. First-Party Cookies – are the types of cookies we use to tailor your browsing experience to your preferences. These cookies track user behaviour, allowing us to better understand our target audience.
  4. Third-Party Cookies – these are cookies for tracking purposes. Your actions are tracked to show you advertisements that are more relevant to you.
  5. Secure Cookies – these cookies have a secure attribute, which may help secure confidentiality during certain transmissions and requests.

Managing Cookies in Your Browser

If you’re not comfortable with having cookies employed in your browser, you can change your settings by visiting your browser’s help pages. However, be reminded that deleted or rejected cookies may cause you not to utilise all of our features, lose your settings, and some of our pages to not display properly if you do not accept or delete them.