Bitcoin Price Prediction: Is It Too Late to Invest?


Bitcoins. The most popular digital currency. Those with little or no interest in a particular field are familiar with it. With its position as a number one cryptocurrency, its prices are extremely high. Continue reading this Bitcoin price prediction article to learn more.

Bitcoin and other crypto markets are well-known for overcoming challenges and comebacks even when they don’t get redeemed by the public. Financial analysts have predicted that a bitcoin bubble would pop monthly for about eight years. But the underlying currency remains the most profitable, and BTC traders enjoy high returns.

We’ll give you the crypto experts say on Bitcoin (BTC) prices in the future! Can BTC really reach $100,000 in 2025? Let’s talk about it and more.

Bitcoin emerging in rubble

Experts’ Stake in Bitcoin Price Forecast in The Crypto Market

The Bitcoin Price Prediction source, Digital Coin Price, published a report that says the Bitcoin price projection is set to rise by $62,156.33 by 2022.

Whereas, according to recent reports by JPMorgan, BTC’s price could reach the maximum price level of $90,000 to $100,000 in 2025. Thus, the investment bank still continues its Bitcoin investments.

While according to the YouTube channel, Crypto Never Sleeps, the Bitcoin price has the potential to reach the maximum price high of $1,695,397 in 2030. This price prediction made by the YouTube channel is based on their in-house fundamental analysis of the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Price Prediction and Price Projections by Other Crypto Investors & Experts

Let’s talk about Bitcoin prediction and BTC prices more. We will give you other Bitcoin price prediction made by other crypto industry experts. Let’s go!

Mango Research has a strong opinion on Bitcoins. Analysts say that Bitcoin will fall from its current price of $46,599.11 to the low price of $20,000 before the Bitcoin regains value. Then, it will be possible for the Bitcoin price to reach the high price of $60,000.

Below are some industry experts’ opinions on Bitcoin and price predictions on BTC.

Gov Capital

Gov Capital has said Bitcoin would continue to increase in value over time despite the recent volatility of its value.
Analysts on the website predicted that the Bitcoin price will double in value, gaining more than $200,000 through 2025.

Trade Beasts

Others are, however, sceptical about Bitcoin, and one of them is Trading Beasts. The crypto price prediction site expects the Bitcoin price to remain within the $30,000 range through 2022. The website’s data suggests that Bitcoin could drop to the low average price of $30,000 before 2023. Despite this, Trade Beast believes that they will see BTC’s future price rise to $80,000 by 2025.

Wallet Investors

Many analysts believe in optimistic Bitcoin prices, and Wallet Investor is one of them. The website does not mistake the Bitcoin price potential.
According to the company, it’s projected to be worth more than $100K by the end of 2022, and they predict BTC will grow to about the estimated 400 % increase in 2027. This means that the Bitcoin price could potentially hit the maximum trading price of $300,000 by 2027.

Digital Coin Prices

Cryptocurrencies analysts say Bitcoin will return into the $60,000 range by the last quarter of 2022 and say $100,000 will be a possibility soon as a result.

Risk Note:

These Bitcoin price predictions are built on real-time prices and technical analysis. However, cryptocurrency is volatile, and prices change very quickly.

Bitcoin Stats | Where BTC Stands

Bitcoin price had fallen considerably after reaching its highest point in October 2021 at $167,000. Many experts say it is causing us to face an extreme bear market, and most believe this will continue through spring.

However, those BTC predictions didn’t materialise as the crypto markets started to turn sharply. A new resistance level set at the VWAP 2021 yearly (vom – weight average prices), which is still high.

Then BTC reached its all-time high price of $65,000 in February 2021, April 2021 and November 2021. Since its launch, BTC has remained the number one crypto in the market.

Bitcoin being held while price chart is in the background

BTC remains steady over $46K, Outlook Turns Neutral

Bitcoin’s current price is $46,599, which recorded an 8.23% from last week. Bitcoin’s price has been falling since it last reached a high of $42,000, with some indicators suggesting that Bitcoin might drop to a higher level.

However, Google search statistics do not support such a strategy. We can expect a slightly lower trend in practice, but then things start warming up to their upside level again. Bitcoins have gained 26% over the past two weeks. Among the losses, the share of borrowers fell 45% during the period.

Thus, industry experts acknowledged Bitcoin’s power in the crypto market. Its loyal investors will hold onto their Bitcoin despite crashes hoping that its prices will recover. So traders still see Bitcoin as the number one trade and investment option.

The History of Bitcoin

They created Bitcoins in ’09 when the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto emerged as its developer. His epic idea of building an electronic currency that would run through blockchain was considered “incredible”.

This triggered a lot of turbulence during the price negotiation process! It is no secret that Bitcoin can reach $60,000 or even $100,000 in the future, as the crypto analysts stated it to be. The BTC price prediction shows that these numbers can continue to rise. By 2025, Bitcoin will still have a much higher market target.

Bitcoin: The Start of Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a proof-of-work blockchain and is the original cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology allows the transaction to be trustless and anonymous using the blockchain system. Bitcoin has become an extremely profitable asset, but the crypto market remains to be very volatile.

However, Bitcoin is also very accessible to invest in. It only takes internet access to exchange fiat for Bitcoins.

Bitcoin: The Promise of Dawn

Its developers developed Bitcoin to be competitive in tougher market conditions, and it is an incredibly powerful cryptocurrency. They refer Bitcoin to as called digital gold or the ultimate virtual asset.

Cryptocurrencies do not bow to the government’s pressure nor remain anchored within deficient or regulation monetary shackles. All with internet connectivity and smartphones! Bitcoin enables everyone to exchange money using cryptocurrencies that are resilient to manipulation.

Twists & Turns in Bitcoin Saga

Bitcoin has benefited from its history through the years, and that is also likely why it has become popular. This historic voyage started in 2013 when it had been shown prominently in the crypto markets. In January 2012, BTC traded at $12.30.

After a brief rebound, Bitcoin’s price climbed to more than $200 by the end of April 2013 and then instantly dropped to about $69 by the end of July. In October & November 2013, Bitcoin started trading upwards. The price of BTC rose about 100% from October to the end of October to reach a record high of $195.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price: Slow & Steady or Fast & Ready

In 2019, Bitcoin received the blessing of the global pandemic. The rise in Bitcoin’s price was partly because it had been hampered by prices falling in May 2020.

The global job losses report has also led to a huge increase in Bitcoin’s value. It was seen as a highly coveted digital asset that matched gold at the moment.

Despite the crypto market volatility, Bitcoin remains at the top of the cryptosystem. The Bitcoin price has started to be priced at no more than a dollar but is now priced at the average trading price of $46,000.

Bitcoin vs Fiat Currencies

Dedicated Bitcoin supporters have advocated using Bitcoin as an alternative to fiat money. However, an abundance of Bitcoin supporters believe in digital currencies and regard them as valuable, just like gold.

People see great potential in Bitcoin for its decentralisation offer that will no longer require a third party to handle one’s investment. From there, Bitcoin has started to gain attention and gain higher price value as well.


What’s Coming up in Bitcoin’s Roadmap?

Although Bitcoin has no headquarters and no CEO, it remains an ongoing process of upgrading its software. Bitcoin’s evolution is surprisingly slow but intentional.

The latest release in Bitcoin’s codebase was “taproot,” launched in November 2019. Taproot’s advantages are a bit of an unknown since time is required before exchanges, and developers can take advantage of Taproot’s new feature sets. Taproot empowers developers to use in-demand block spaces, providing more tools to build and scale a lightning network.

Stack of Bitcoins with paper money

Can You Really Get Rich With Bitcoin?

Getting rich from Bitcoin depends on the amount of money that is bought and sold. Then the decision is largely determined by the investment strategy.

You may buy or hold Bitcoin daily to gain the most from volatility or use it over long term periods to increase the potential increase of the Bitcoin value. Getting profits in your Bitcoin investments will rely heavily on your risk adversity and trading diligence.

Is Bitcoin Safe? Why Do People Trust Bitcoin?

Yes, it seems very unlikely for Bitcoins to be compromised using mathematical blockchain technology. You as a user of cryptocurrencies have control of your wallet thus safeguarding it from your peripheral control.

Bitcoin is a decentralised, transparent and scientifically advanced cryptocurrency. It’s nothing compared to the advantages it has over the limitations it has.

However, remember that risks are part of any investment. Cryptocurrency or not, the investment will carry risks. And as an investor, it will be your job to handle these risks and limit them.

Is it Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is no more important than getting into gold. Getting Bitcoin as an investment is a good choice if you’ve analysed how it works and learned how and when to trade and hold.

If it’s a good time for it, it should be a good choice. Just remember, you must study the markets before deciding whether to invest or not.

Where to Get my First Bitcoin?

If you want to enter the cryptocurrency market by investing in Bitcoin, Bitcoin is available on popular and regulated crypto exchanges, namely Coinbase, Binance, e-Toro, and Kucoin.

Bottom line

When considering buying Bitcoin, the best tips you can use will include researching and knowing about the risks associated.

Although digital currencies offer significant returns, early adoption cannot guarantee future growth.

The prospect for Bitcoin could significantly impact its growth, whether from consumers or governments. It is also possible that bitcoin will grow if it successfully solves scalability problems.


These Bitcoin price predictions are built on rexperts’ eal-time prices and technical analysis. However, cryptocurrency is volatile, and prices change very quickly.

Cryptocurrency or not, the investment will carry risks. And as an investor, it will be your job to handle these risks and limit them. Conduct research and contact a financial advisor before any investments.