An Honest Bitcoin Prime Official Website Review [2022]

The cryptocurrency market has definitely dominated large parts of the modern world. Come hell or high water, we’re pretty sure you have at least some knowledge about crypto coins or digital assets. With the increasing popularity of getting into increasingly volatile markets such as cryptocurrency, several trading platforms and websites have popped up online—most of them with the sole purpose of helping traders connect with reputable brokers that could assist them with their investment needs. Based on this Bitcoin Prime review, Bitcoin Prime is one of them.

In this article, we offer a Bitcoin Prime review that details everything you know about the Bitcoin Prime app. If you read on, you’ll find out how Bitcoin Prime works, what it does, and whether or not it is something that could help you. Here’s a hint: it definitely can!

What exactly is Bitcoin Prime?

What is Bitcoin Prime

The first thing you need to know about the Bitcoin Prime app is that it is not a trading platform. It does not directly offer buying or trading services. The Bitcoin Prime platform is simply a website that connects its users with reputable brokers. Another way of seeing Bitcoin Prime is as a reliable page that sources some of the best brokers with extensive trading software.

Think of the Bitcoin Prime app as your gateway to a multitude of brokers who can be at your beck and call! These partner brokers can provide you with a trading platform that you likely won’t be able to find anywhere else.

What will I gain from using the Bitcoin Prime website?

That’s easy: trading opportunities. As mentioned earlier, while the Bitcoin Prime platform does not directly offer you trading services, it connects you with brokers who can.

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Based on our extensive review and research of the website, the services offered by Bitcoin Prime’s partner brokers are top-notch. These are some of our favourite features offered by them:

Demo Trading

Not everyone is ready to immediately jump into the crypto pool right away. Some prefer to wade into it, to dip a toe in the water to test everything out. If you’re one of the people who do not immediately want to use their actual money before getting the hang of how trading works, then demo trading is for you.

Through the demo trading mode, you can trade virtual money instead of your actual deposit. This would allow you to get a feel of how the broker’s trading dashboard operates, and therefore help you practice placing buy and sell orders without the risk of losing your actual money.

If you’re a newbie trader, creating a demo account first will definitely help you become more seasoned. In our case, we loved the feature because we were able to practice first before getting into the nitty-gritty of navigating the crypto market.

The cryptocurrency market takes time to get used to, so demo trading helps with the whole process.

Auto trading

Some of the brokers pooled by Bitcoin Prime also offer automated trading software. This service is definitely more applicable for advanced traders who already have their own trading style.

The brokers on Bitcoin Prime software allow for seamless switching between manual trading and auto trading—if you’re into that kind of thing. If you suddenly find yourself too busy to monitor your investments or manually input buy and sell orders, you can choose to use a trading bot.

You can set up a trading robot that will automatically do the buying and selling for you. This, however, requires skill and expertise. An automated trading software still needs some level of human intervention in order for it to make successful trades. You have to set your own parameters and trading signals that are dependent on both technical and fundamental analysis.

Copy trading

The other brokers on the Bitcoin Prime website also offer copy trading services. Users can copy the portfolio of other well-known public users should they choose to. Live trading isn’t for everyone!

We’ve all seen and heard about the most successful crypto traders online. We’ve all definitely wanted to be them at some point, or at least take a peek at their portfolio. Well, copy trading gives us the opportunity to!

During our Bitcoin Prime review, we found that the copy trading services offered by its partner brokers are very nice and straightforward. We were able to easily gain expert knowledge of financial markets through the public users posts.

24/7 Customer support

Some may not necessarily consider this a core trading service, but we think this is one of the most important aspects of any trading system.

The Bitcoin prime team claims to have 24/7 customer support—which is something that we definitely like. We tested it out during our review, and while we cannot guarantee that all queries can be answered and solved, we found that Bitcoin Prime really does its best to give its users the best experience when looking for brokers to connect with.

Okay, but how do I open a Bitcoin Prime account?

It’s a simple three-step process that didn’t take up too much of our time!

1. Register

To create an account within the Bitcoin Prime system, you must first register your personal details, such as your name, birthday, address, contact number, and email—just the usual T&C. During our Bitcoin Prime review process, this took only a few minutes before the system was able to generate and validate an account.

2. Deposit

Once your account is created, you must deposit funds—duh! The minimum deposit is $250, which you can also use to buy or sell crypto once you complete the registration process. In our view, we like how you can use this initial deposit as your capital as well. Your funds won’t get tied up!

You can add more money afterwards should you wish to.

3. Trade

After creating an account and making the initial deposit, you can then begin trading through Bitcoin Prime’s many partner brokers.

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Will I make money using Bitcoin Prime?

That’s not something that we can say for sure. First of all, Bitcoin Prime is not a broker in itself—therefore you won’t be able to directly make profitable trades through the website. Second of all, Bitcoin Prime’s partner brokers will only give you the tools to trade. Once you start trading, it will be entirely up to you and your skills whether or not you will be able to generate money and earn profits.

So, will you make money trading with Bitcoin Prime through its partner brokers? Possible. Will you lose money? Also possible.

Trading crypto is a risky business—one that you should be fully aware could lead to you losing your entire capital.

Are the rumours of celebrity endorsements true?

Based on our extensive research, Bitcoin Prime doesn’t officially claim to be endorsed by any celebrity or famous personality.

Perhaps, it is more accurate to state that the Bitcoin crypto itself is the one being popularised by celebrities. Does Elon Musk ring a bell? Many traders look to him for Bitcoin news.

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Bitcoin Prime Review 2022 | Conclusion

Is Bitcoin Prime a scam? The answer is: no.

When we tried Bitcoin Prime out, everything worked out well for us. We were able to connect with great brokers that provided us with great trading systems.

We were also not blindsided by trading fees or hidden charges. Overall, Bitcoin Prime definitely lived up to its purpose for us!

Important Disclaimer

This Bitcoin Prime Review should not be considered investment advice. We wrote this solely for the purpose of debunking fake reviews and helping the average trader to find better trading avenues.