Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2030

If the bullish trend continues, the highest price prediction for Axie Infinity is $1,841.05 by 2030.

Being the top play-to-earn game in the cryptocurrency market, will Axie Infinity succeed in the competition of many NFT games? With numerous blockchain-based gaming as a new way to emerge in the crypto space, increasing AXS and SLP price value is tough.

Learn how AXS and SLP, the native currencies, run in the ecosystem in this Axie Infinity Price Prediction 2030. You will also find out why this game is currently popular. If you are a gamer and want to invest in Axie Infinity, you will need to determine if AXS is a great digital asset.

Having a live trading volume of $310 million proves it’s a profitable investment. Given this data, Axie Infinity’s future price is bright for some; unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Gaming and investing in one, how long can this blockchain game enjoy its popularity? Find out in this Axie Infinity price prediction 2030 and determine if these Axie Infinity price predictions are in your favour.

Updates In The Axie Infinity Ecosystem That Could Affect Its Price By 2030

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There are a lot of factors to consider before understanding why the numbers of Axie Infinity price predictions are as it is. First of all, the AXS price value is similar to other digital currencies vulnerable to change in the crypto market. Besides volatility, there are specific factors, both good and bad, that could affect its price by 2030.

In the Axie Infinity ecosystem, AXS holders acquire two tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP), both of which users can trade on the Ethereum network. The AXS crypto organised its token sale on Binance, raising $2.97 million in total.

Besides the game’s concept of trading AXS coins to produce more Axies, the development team has no plans to add new functionalities. Here are the three token functionalities at the moment: staking, governance, and purchase eligibility. It is also important to know that the AXS token participates in major crypto exchanges like these trading pairs: AXS to ETH or SLP to ETH.

Historical Data and Axie Infinity Price Today

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In 2018, Sky Mavis created Axie Infinity, which is now one of the popular blockchain games. However, despite its release four years ago, only during mid-2021 did it experience significant action. In November 2021, AXS price skyrocketed to $157.75, achieving its maximum value.

While the current price of AXS is not close to its maximum price, it didn’t stay bearish for a long time. After a correction due to the worldwide crisis, the price of Axie Infinity dropped to $48.76, not too low from its current price, which is $51.05. As observed, it is in a bullish run as of now.

Ranked #44 in CoinMarketCap, AXS holds a market cap of $3.1 billion at the moment. There are many coins left in its maximum supply of 270 million coins, with 60 million AXS coins in the circulating supply.

AXS Price Prediction 2030

While the crypto market remains volatile, the AXS token price is currently high, posing a sign of a good investment option for some users and analysts. Here are some technical analyses for reference:

Analysts Believing The Axie Infinity Coin Price Will Go Up

  • Tech News Leader anticipates the coin’s price to go up to $1,841.05 by 2030.
  • Price Prediction expects that by 2030, the average price of AXS could reach $1,387.86.
  • Ripple Coin News’s Axie Infinity price prognosis shows that it could achieve an average price level of $1,178.58 by 2030.

Analysts Believing The Axie Infinity Coin Price Will Go Down

  • Although not bearish, Coin Price Forecast believes that the coin could go down to $830.67 by 2030.
  • Digital Coin estimates that the coin could attain an average trading price of $236.37 but could go only as high as $242.56 by 2030.
  • According to the price forecast of Wallet Investor, Axie Infinity will be worth $57.50 by 2030.

Experts’ Estimations on AXS Price

Crypto News explained the Axie Infinity cryptocurrency, its historical data, and price predictions for 2022 to 2050. In the video, he said that the price of Axie Infinity rallied in the crypto market. Besides the bright future of AXS prices, he also presented possible corrections and price drops.

CRYPTOCURRENCY COIN PREDICTION FORECAST ANALYSIS on YouTube believes that the price of Axie Infinity has shown a good increase recently. According to them, the token exhibits a good investment option. They also suggest that it has high chance of improving your portfolio.

The video of Talking crypto7824 on YouTube introduced the Axie Infinity overview coin, then proceeded to the price prediction for 2022 to 2030. He estimates the Axie Infinity AXS price could go up to $3,458.23 by 2030.

How Risky Is AXS As An Investment?

The play-to-earn game and other blockchain games have higher risks than other cryptocurrencies. Aside from being wary of market volatility, you need to be cautious of other things before investing in Axie Infinity.

  • Hackers: Since crypto is a play-to-earn metaverse game, danger lurks within it. Unlike online games, you are not just risking game progress but also your capital.
  • Storage: Finding e-wallets can be challenging with all the new brokers emerging. As potential investors, you need to find a reliable site or app to protect your earnings. One of the suggestions is eToro.
  • Competition: The advent of blockchain-based gaming is still in progress. With numerous blockchain games being developed, Axie Infinity could lose its top spot in the crypto market.

With new technological solutions, risks can be lessened.

AXS Price Prediction Conclusion

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While it is true that price predictions serve as references only, it is undeniable that AXS continues to showcase its potential. If the bullish trend persists, you can assume that Axie Infinity is a profitable investment, given its highest price prediction of $1,841.05 by 2030. However, the downside is its potentially little price increase of only $57.50 by 2030, indicating that you will not profit as much as expected. Depending on the surrounding factors, both forecasts are very much applicable.

Axie Infinity Price Prediction FAQs

Read these frequently asked questions by the community and fellow potential investors to get to know the AXS token more.

How Much Will Axie Infinity Be Worth?

According to Tech News Leader, it could reach $1,841.05 by 2030. For this year, Wallet Investor also believes it is a great time to buy Axie Infinity tokens.

Is AXIE Still A Good Investment in 2022?

The coin’s performance is favourable at the moment. Digital Coin Price says it is a profitable investment for 2022 as it is likely to cross $63.54.

Does Axie Infinity Have A Future?

The prices of every cryptocurrency depend on the factors affecting it. Based on the data above, a bright future for Axie Infinity is possible.

Where To Buy Axie Infinity

You can buy a token from various sources but make sure they are from trusted platforms like eToro.

Author’s Note on Axie Infinity Price Prediction

This Axie Infinity price prediction article is made with the sole goal of informing. It should never be taken as the only reference to decide if it is worth investing in Axie Infinity. Assess the market and the factors, then take whatever risk with caution.