The Sandbox Price Prediction, How High Can it Go?


Let’s talk about SandBox! Can SAND be the biggest gaming crypto? Can it reach $15 in 2025? We’ll answer these questions and more here in this The Sandbox Price Prediction article.

SAND Price Prediction Introduction

A popular crypto YouTube Channel, Coin Bureau, lists Sandbox as one of the top five Metaverse plays making it a top NFT investment. According to their Sandbox analysis, one of the most significant advantages among its most formidable competitors is its developers’ experience.

Sebastian Bourget and Aurthur Madrid, the developers behind this virtual world, have decades of experience in the gaming industry. According to Coin Bureau, the two are hyperfocused on advertising and partnerships and are highly aware of the benefits these bring to the Sandbox network and SAND investors.

This could be the reason why, declares SAND prices to hit the maximum high of $15.34 in 2025. Let’s talk more about this next!

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022, 2025, 2030

Now, let us look at the SandBox price prediction made by various crypto price prediction sites.

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2022

A report by WalletInvestor shows a break at $5 for SAND Coins for 2022. A year-long rumour has suggested that the coin would be around $18.58 or $31.26. This cryptocurrency price prediction site means that Sandbox’s average price will reach $6.35 in 2023. published another technical analysis and price prediction of the SAND. According to the crypto price prediction media, the SAND could reach a minimum price of $6.09, an average trading price of $6.27, and a potential maximum price value of $7.18 by this year.

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2025

The TechNewsLeader made another Sandbox price forecast for the year 2025. The site declares that the SAND token could reach $11.00 in 2025.
While Cryptopolitan’s price analysis of the Sandbox prices in 2025 is for the token to reach a minimum price of $3.85, an average price of $4.53, and the maximum price forecast of $ 5.65 by the start of the year 2025. Furthermore, the site said that the SAND prices could reach the highest price of $6.28 by 2025.

The Sandbox Price Prediction 2030

According to WalletInvestor, if the growth of the SandBox network continues as it is now, the SAND for the next five years could average about $26.44. Sandbox Forecast 2030 Averages $85.97.
Another positive outlook on the future of SAND came from the crypto YouTuber Ryan Matta. He said that the SAND could have the potential to reach a hundred times its current price of $3.47 in 2030. That’s why he concluded that the SAND token could reach the maximum price of $375 in 2030.

Risk Note:
All crypto assets are volatile. Price changes are hard to certain due to many on-chain and off-chain factors, which could ultimately change the price trends.

The Sandbox | Technical Analysis

Sandbox During Its Launch

The SAND was introduced for sale in the Summer of 2019. The currency was valued in August of that year at $08858. Nonetheless, that cost is merely an overestimate of coin power and quickly dropped in price, spending most of the year averaging around $0.07018 before recovering. SAND had been spending much of September and early October at between $0.04 and $0.05 but dropped to below $0.05 in October 2020.
However, there was no end for SAND, and it reached a low of $1.082894 as of 4 November 2021. The underlying stock traded around $0.0356 during the first half of the quarter, with some modest losses.

The Sandbox Price and Technical Analysis

Sandbox Price Fell Then Rise

Sandbox prices have risen significantly this year despite falling in the first quarter of 2018. Earlier this year, the stock market dipped below $0.05 on a downward trend until Jan. 2020.
However, the SAND coin remained below 0.008. After another bullish cycle, SANDcoins rose to $0.8 in early March 2021. This led to a bearish trend that led to a drop in all the cryptocurrency markets. During August, SAND was retracement at $0.1.
By the end of August 2021, SAND stood at $1.09, and this upward price trend continued until SAND reached its ATH in September of 2021, peaking at $8.44 per coin.

The Sandbox | Industry Experts’ Say…

SandBox has released Alpha Season 2 in Metaverse. So you can get more experience in playing & earning. SAND is expected to expand, its further development in the ecosystem, and its involvement in its metaverse.

Crypto influencer Yuya Hasegawa said the SandBox Metaverse and the sales of collaboration items with celebrities would attract investors, and the company’s stock price could be raised to even higher levels. Another prominent cryptographer Dan Ashmore has estimated that SAND’s worth will be $8 million.

The SandBox Network | Purpose and Goals

Sandbox is an online gaming environment where users can build, own and sell game experiences through the Ethereum platform via SAND, the platform’s utility token.

On Sandbox whitepaper, it stated that “We have aimed to offer a deeply interactive metaverse where players will experience the real world.” The Sandbox whitepaper further notes that “the centralisation of content is limited in the game industry by centralised rights”.

The company has several innovative tools available to users that empower their experiences and give them ownership of the material they make. VoXEditor provides a 3D rendering tool for Windows or MC users – from human animals to humans. In addition, this 3D model can be exported from Voxeditor into the Sandbox market, and now these are the items players may have.

The following product was The Sandbox native marketplace, an attractive destination for players. The marketplace allows users to upload, sell or publish all NFT created for capitalisation.

The SandBox and Its Native Token SAND

The SAND is now the native Ingame token for the Sandbox platform and is a fundamental tool that can be used for an entire Metaverse experience. The token assists users in buying and selling property and makes its basis for every transaction on the platform.

The company has 3 billion SANDbacked tokens in circulation. This is traded on most crypto exchanges such as GEMINI, FTX, e-Toro, and Binance.

The Sandbox is a game console developed by Pixowl. It is a blockchain technology combining cryptocurrencies and games to offer a new mix of cryptos that aren’t fungible.

SandBox (SAND) | Top Three Answers You Need To Know!

What is the popular opinion on SandBox’s future?

The prediction made by CryptoNewZ on the SAND prices suggested that the token would be profitable in 2022. Current data describing price estimates for SAND in 2026 and beyond demonstrate its potential to grow.

In line with this, Altcoin Buzz released YouTube content on Sandbox, comparing it to its most formidable competitor in the metaverse, the Decentraland. According to Altcoin Buzz, SandBox offers a more accurate and technically comprehensive platform than Decentraland. For this reason, Sandbox is concluded to be the one that will dominate the metaverse.

Is SAND a good investment?

All crypto that will diversify and balance out your crypto portfolio can be considered a good investment. On the other hand, if a crypto asset will only increase your portfolio’s risk rather than increase profits, you should not go for it. Thus, before investing in SAND, first, analyse the crypto’s on your portfolio.

Where can I get my first SAND coin?

It is possible to buy and sell Sandboxes through cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, e-Toro, and Coinbase. The way to acquire SAND tokens can differ among various crypto platforms. So go through your options and select the best one to purchase Sandbox online.


Sandbox’s advantages and immense potential make holding on to its native token, SAND, for more prolonged periods a profitable option. Several technology developments in the Metaverse can also increase potential prices. Nonetheless, it can be helpful when assessing these projections because there are no major influences. It is also crucial to do research before investing in cryptocurrencies.


All crypto assets are volatile. Price changes are hard to certain due to many on-chain and off-chain factors, which could ultimately change the price trends.

You must be aware that these records are not investment recommendations. Instead, this article contains industry experts’ combined data and popular opinion on Sandbox’s future price.